Seasoning & Spice Blends

Today we use spices to evoke the five senses by bringing the different cultures around the world to our tables. The application of the below spices and seasonings do vary according to taste and purpose. Should you like more information please contact us.

Our List of Seasoning & Spice Blends 

Seasonings Blends

Spices Blends

Souvlaki Seasoning
Garam Marsala
Beef Yeeros
Chicken Seasoning
Cajun Spice
Hamburger Mix
Chinese Five Spice
Napolitano Sprinkle
Honey and Soy Flavour
Sausage Roll Seasoning
Mixed Spice
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Tex Mex
Taco Seasoning
Thai Seasoning
Yeeros Seasoning
Roast Seasoning
Curry Power (Clive of India)
Meat Pie Seasoning
Moroccan Seasoning

How to use Chefs First Choice Seasonings

CFC Seasonings

  1. Add Tuscan herbs to a Salad
  2. Italian or Mixed Herbs in a tomato sauce or over Bruscetta
  3. Sprinkle Mixed herbs over a garlic and herb pizza
  4. Add garlic and herbs to a Breadcrumbs for crumbing or chicken stuffing


Application of seasonings vary according to taste and purpose